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Andrea Molinari Guitar Enrico Zanisi Piano, Rhodes & synth Matteo Bortone Bass & backing vocals Enrico Morello Drums Camilla Battaglia Vocals on tracks: 2, 4, 5, 9 Alessandro Presti Trumpet on tracks: 3, 4, 7 Clementina Regina Soprano on track: 6

Andrea Molinari is an Italian guitarist, composer and arranger.

He was born in Jesi, in the Marche region, in 1986, and took to music when he was a child. After moving to Rome, he graduated with honours at the local University of Music and the Santa Cecilia Conservatory.

He completed his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. On the occasion of two stays in New York, he had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the most influential exponents on the US jazz scene: Peter Bernstein, Charles Altura, Mike Moreno, Lage Lund, Jonathan Kreisberg and Seamus Blake.

In 2010, he won the “Jimmy Woode" best guitarist award, for which the panel of judges was made up of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Rick Margitza, Antonio Sanchez, Eddie Gomez, Dado Moroni and Gegè Telesforo. 2018 saw Molinari win a national competition for an Italo-French residency promoted by the French Institute of Italy, the French Embassy in Italy, the MIDJ (Musicisti Italiani di Jazz – Italian Jazz Musicians) and the SIAE, held within the context of the “Una striscia di terra feconda” festival from 19th to 22nd September at Rome’s Casa del Jazz. The programme envisaged a collaboration with renowned French musician Médéric Collignon and a final concert, recorded for Radio3.

He has performed in important Jazz Festivals, Theatres and Jazz Clubs in Europe, Asia and the United States, and has collaborated with internationally-renowned musicians. His debut album – “L’era dell’Acquario” feat. Logan Richardson – was greatly appreciated by listeners, critics and colleagues.

His new album, entitled “51”, was released by Ropeadope Records on 12th April 2019. Ropeadope is a prestigious US label that has produced some of the most active and innovative artists on the global scene (Terrace Martin, Christian Scott, Snarky Puppy, Aaron Parks).
Concerts 2019
Feb 15
w/ Paolo Damiani New Band @Minus One Jazz Festival
Tbilisi - Georgia
Apr 26
w/ 51 @Gregory’s Jazz Club
Rome - Italy
Apr 27
w/ 51 @Stones Cafè - Jazz in’It Festival
Vignola - Italy
Apr 28
w/ 51 - Secret Concert
Bologna - Italy
Apr 29
w/ 51 @Jazz Club Ferrara
Ferrara - Italy
Apr 30
w/ 51 @Bonaventura Music Club
Milan - Italy
Jun 23
w/ 51 @Gianicolo in Jazz
Rome - Italy
Jun 30
w/ Paolo Damiani New Band @Faggeta di Monte Raschio
Parco Naturale di Bracciano - Italy
Jul 13
w/ NEUE @Ambassade de France
Rome - Italy
Aug 3
w/ 51 @Summer Live Tones - Maschio Angioino
Naples - Italy
Sep 28
w/ 51 @Casa del Jazz
Rome - Italy
Nov 8
w/ 51 @unTUBO
Siena - Italy
Concerts 2018
Feb 8
w/ Giacomo Uncini qt @Teatro della Casa d'Italia
Istanbul - Turkey
May 16
w/ 51 feat. Logan Richardson @Caffè Bugatti
Terni - Italy
May 17
w/ 51 feat. Logan Richardson @Live Tones - Casina Pompeiana
Naples - Italy
May 18
w/ 51 feat. Logan Richardson @Quadraro in Jazz - Csoa Spartaco
Rome - Italy
May 20
w/ 51 feat. Logan Richardson @Ancona Jazz - AION di Moroder
Ancona - Italy
Jul 15
w/ Paolo Damiani New Band @Gianicolo in Jazz
Rome - Italy
Jul 19
w/ 51 feat. Logan Richardson @Gaeta Jazz Festival
Gaeta - Italy
Aug 14
w/ 51 @Gianicolo in Jazz - Rescheduled for September 26th
Rome - Italy
Sep 19/22
w/ Mederic Collignon - Italian/French residency by MIDJ @Una striscia di terra feconda - Casa del Jazz
Rome - Italy
Sep 26
w/ 51 @Gianicolo in Jazz
Rome - Italy
Sep 28
w/ Giacomo Uncini qt @Musei di sera - Musei Vaticani
Rome - Italy
Nov 17/18
w/ Giovanni Tommaso Apogeo @Alexander Platz Jazz Club
Rome - Italy
Dec 14
w/ Paolo Damiani New Band
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Dec 16
w/ Paolo Damiani New Band
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
cover L'era dell'Acquario

L’era dell’Acquario

Andrea Molinari - guitar & composition
Logan Richardson - alto sax
Domenico Sanna - piano & rhodes
Luca Fattorini - double bass
Marco Valeri - drums
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"L'era dell'Acquario (“Age of the Aquarius” was how ancient Mayas called the modern era) refers to a current understanding of the African-American language in which tradition plays a fundamental role, enriched by the capacity for synthesis of the very good musicians that make part of the quintet."
Nicola Gaeta - Musica Jazz

"Composition is indeed the strong point of Andrea Molinari’s record, which is able to showcase a powerful personality thanks to tracks characterized by well-devised melodies, modern-sounding atmospheres and formal structures that stray from trite, ordinary formulas."
Eugenio Mirti - JAZZiT